Jan 9, 2018

We are so grateful to the following donors and want to give special recognition to each of them for giving generously to Sponsor a Day of Shalam Ministries in 2018. Due to their sacrificial giving we are able to continue to serve and grow. Our prayer is that each of you will be richly blessed in more ways than you can measure.


Week Sponsors at $5000

Mr. David Faber

Dr. Walter and Mrs. Darlene Hansen



Weekend Sponsors at $2500

Mr. Daniel Oakes

Mrs. Kay Remillard

Day Sponsors at $1000

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Larissa Alcorn

Mrs. Hannah Chijioke

Ms. Elizabeth Hamlett

Mrs. Elisha Hartmann

Mr. John and Mrs. Valerie Hites

Ms. Karen Jackson

Mr. Travis and Mrs. Sarah Koop

Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Megan Krug

Mrs. Sharon Ogden

Mr. Daryl and Mrs. Susie Remillard

Mr. Dean and Mrs. Donna Remillard

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Janna Rosetti

Mr. Doug and Mrs. Debra Sevedge

Dr. Stephen and Dr. Cindy Taylor

Mr. Tyler and Mrs. Michelle Turdici