Embracing wounded souls

MISSION: To see all creation reconciled to God through a community that embraces wounded souls and restores our ravaged earth to the fullness of beauty, harmony and holiness.

VISION: Cultivating a sanctuary of life where the land will flourish, the weary may find rest and all are oriented toward Christ.

Established August 2013, Shalam Ministries serves trauma survivors with relational support, bringing people to meet Jesus, the One who desires to fully restore them to wholeness and to bring them to completion. We guide them on the path of ‘Shalam’ as they learn to walk with Jesus and receive the restoration that He alone offers. We chose the Hebrew word “shalam” because its definition is a perfect word picture of “completion and restoration”. Shalam is run by a community of ministers, collaborating with counselors for the purpose of ministering to survivors of trauma. Many trauma survivors (soldiers with PTSD, abuse survivors, ex-cult, ex-practitioners of the occult) have no place in the world where they feel safe. Shalam offers relational support, community and encouragement bringing the light of Christ to the isolation of trauma.


To further meet this need, Shalam Ministries will be building Shalam Sanctuary (TBA)

Shalam Sanctuary will be built on a beautiful piece of land that we will purchase.  Using land conservation and sustainable building methods, we will build a welcoming retreat center.  The sanctuary will provide a safe and serene place where people can retreat to meet Jesus. This land will serve three main purposes:

  • Inviting trauma survivors for rest and retreat and/or intensive therapy with their counselors
  • Inviting christian workers, pastors, and missionaries to peaceful rejuvenating retreats
  • Providing the community of Shalam staff ministers with a ‘home’ base built on a holistic lifestyle including principles of conservation and sustainability.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us in our calling to reach out to hurting people! Shalam Ministries is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization.

Who are the ministers of Shalam? Click here to read about us